Keep your customers/partners/users informed with relevant, timely alerts of their choice.

  • Banks - Alert me when my account drops below $x.
  • Library - Alert me x days before my book is due.
  • Ticket Service - Alert me when my favorite band is coming to my area.
  • Retailers - Alert me when my favorite product goes on sale.
  • League Management - Alert me when my game is cancelled.


Speeds up development

Quickly add preference management and alerting to your website by dropping in our prebuilt component and using our SaaS services.


Multi-channel Alerts

Provide timely alerts directly to the user's inbox or mobile device.


Easy User Opt-in

Comply with emerging regulations such as GDPR by allowing users to subscribe to only the alerts they choose. Alertme keeps an audit trail of active opt-in.


Security Simply

Securely stores PII like phone and email in our secure cloud database.


The Alertme subscription service consists of
  1. An administration website where alert topics are configured by your administrator.
  2. A UI component that is dropped into your existing application that enables your users to subscribe to alert topics.
  3. A set of backend services used to store the topics and subscriptions.
After the subscription preferences are collected, then alerts can be published to specific alert topics, and delivered to the subscriber email, or mobile phone based on their preferences.